About Ezra

How Ezra works

Ezra is really easy to use, and is suitable for everyone. Simply follow the steps below.

Step One

Create your Ezra account. All accounts are free! For ease of use on tablets and phones you can add this page to your homescreen so it is only one icon away.

Step Two

Fill in the Quiz daily, which will become a streak for you and others, to ensure you maintain a daily update. Be honest, this is the one place where you don’t need to delude yourself!

Step Three

When you complete the quiz, you can see your score along with a quote from the Bible that will appear commensurate with your mood.

Step Four

If there is a consistency in your answers that betrays you are struggling and should you have shared your answers with the team, someone will touch base with you. In the first instance to hear how you are; and secondly maybe to give you some pointers as to where to seek help. Ezra is there to help you recognise as well, in yourself, when you are struggling. On the Get Support page, you can find some helpful organisations and other Apps to support you should you wish to make the change you believe would help.

Why we created Ezra

In a chance conversation between a Priest and Clinical Psychologist regarding the pastoral care of people who are really struggling and aren’t able to ask for help at the moment they most need it, Ezra as a concept was born. It quickly became apparent that any App of this kind should be for everyone, because - like the frog in the pan of water - we don’t notice the changes within us as we live them.

We often feel we can cope, and yet seeing the results of the Quizin front of us, may give us the warning we need. Having done the questions as part of the prototype, all those involved took a good hard look at themselves. We hope the resultant App you have logged into makes it all worth while.