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What is Ezra?

Ezra was a Jewish prophet who helped in the rebuilding of Jerusalem 480-440 BC. Ezra means helpful and the prophet was a scribe, in that he wrote things down. Ezra therefore is a tool in which you record daily how you are living your life in response to the main factors that stimulate and support a healthy mind and positive well-being.

And do you actually know when you are looking after yourself or do you take it for granted? What does a well and strong you; look, feel and behave like?

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How Ezra helps you

Ezra asks you a series of simple questions of daily life, which you answer daily. You can keep your own record, and each answer is allocated a score. Should you wish to be contacted when your score is low this will happen, to touch base and perhaps help you to take a step towards self improvement. Not that Ezra is just for those who are struggling, it is a good way for us all to touch base with our own well-being.

In short it is a helpful, writing, mental health app by which you can be contacted by us when your answers demonstrate you are struggling.

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